*Life Coaching Testimonials
I think it always helps to have someone else's experience of working with to me to hopefully help you get more of a sense of who I am and how I work.

Kirsty is a fantastic coach. She creates a truly safe space when she coaches - full of belief and compassion. She brings a huge amount of experience and draws on a range of tools and techniques to create mobility for clients. I would highly recommend her.

Lauren L

Kirsty is an exceptional coach and has a unique deep listening skills and nurturing style. I often walked away from our coaching sessions feeling she not only cared and really took the time to listen but also kept me accountable to commitments I had made. I highly recommend Kirsty as a coach.

Charlotte Williams

Kirsty brings an enviable mix of expertise that she effortlessly drawn on to make her a fantastic coach in both personal and commercial contexts. Her background in psychotherapy gives her a deep understanding of how we build up unhelpful patterns that can limit us and her coaching expertise enables you to gain momentum and make real change.