Counselling / Talking Therapy Testimonials

When you are faced with many counsellors to choose from on the various directories it can be confusing to know who to reach out to. Clients are faced with multiple qualifications and descriptions but how do you know if someone is right for you?

I think it always helps to have someone else's experience of working with to me to hopefully help you get more of a sense of who I am and how I work.

"I cannot thank Kirsty enough for the help she has given me. I was in a really sad, unhappy and lonely place when I started seeing her. I thought the end of my marriage was near and just couldn't see a way forward. Kirsty helped me talk through my thoughts and feelings and helped me find a way to communicate my feelings not only with my husband but with everyone around me. I grew more confident when talking to others and learnt to say no which was really hard for me to do as I was very much a yes person. I went in not knowing what to expect, Kirsty gave me a safe, no judgement space to really open up about things I'd tucked away for years! I am the happiest I've been in years and my marriage is back to really good place. I highly recommend Kirsty."


Kirsty was such a great counsellor when I went to see her following the breakdown of my longterm relationship. She helped me process my feelings in a safe space and work out a way forward. I'm in a much better place now thanks to her empathetic and supportive approach to working with me. Thank you Kirsty!


I don't mean to sound cheesy but Kirsty really changed my life for the better. I was really struggling with a lot of personal issues and challenging circumstances, but having regular counselling with Kirsty helped me understand myself better and enabled me to approach situations and challenges with a new outlook that has dramatically improved my life since then. She is warm and non-judgemental in her approach. I'm sure I'll return to Kirsty if I ever need counselling in the future, and I'm so relieved after having visited a couple of other counsellors prior to have finally found someone I love.